Uttrakhand Open University: Best Choice for Distance Learning

Making a right decision in your life very necessary. There are a lot of points and turns come into the life of a person where they have to decide something which decides a very major part of their life. So here in this article that decision is choosing a college for higher studies. There are plenty of colleges and universities in the country but now that also creates a confusion where to go and where not to go. Now choosing the right one is the important decision in a student’s life but parents are the one who thinks about it more and take more tension than the students. Opinions can help in this situation a lot. So through this article we will give some important details about a university i.e. Uttrakhand open University.

Every University is situated in some particular state so if you look for a university which is in the other state then there is no issue in that as there are a lot of facilities available nowadays. Not every student chose the regular colleges. Many of the students chose open colleges. The reason behind it that some of them can’t afford the regular colleges and some of the students do jobs along with their graduation. Some of the students do some other skill course along with the graduation. So it saves their time and they are able to do more than one thing in the same time period. So we gonna deliver you all the required details about Uttrakhand open University. If you are interested in it and looking for something like this which mean an open college then consider this article very much important and then read it accordingly.

About Uttrakhand Open University

Open colleges have classes in the weekend only. Students have a plenty of time in weekdays that they can pursue any other thing or they can do some job for the experience and for some savings. Uttrakhand Open University was founded on 31st October 2005. This university is situated in Haldwani. The chancellor of this university is Lieutenant General Gurmeet Singh.  The name of vice chancellor is Professor Om Prakash Singh Negi. You can apply for admission through online or offline mode. This university is approved by UGC and AICTE.

There are a lot of colleges and universities for open learning but all of them can’t give that assurance of best education. Just because they are open colleges so many of the colleges don’t even focus on the studies of the students. They miss the classes and just keep on giving assignments to the students. Now when it comes to Uttrakhand open University so they always try the best education they can give and they use the available resources the more they can do that it can enhance the study of students and they can get the best education through the open colleges. They don’t want that the students who are enrolled in their university should feel any kind of difference between them and the students of regular colleges.

Courses of Uttrakhand Open University

There are many courses this university offers. You can do pursue many courses which you want to do. Every college and university have some criteria for the admission. So does this university. So let’s have a look on some the course it provides.

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.SC)
  • Masters in Science (M.SC)
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters in Science (M.SC)
  • Masters in Commerce (M.COM)

You can also pursue Diploma from this university. We have mentioned some of the courses this university provides. You can find more course when you will their official website i.e. uou.ac.in

Procedure Required Documents

If you want to apply for this university then you have to just simply visit their website which we have mentioned above already. After that there are simple steps which you have to follow which it will ask. You have to just submit some of the details which will be required and asked on the website. To apply successfully without any issue just keep yourself ready with your important documents. Now there is a question in your mind that what kind of documents then no worries as we promised that this article will be very informative so we will mention all the required documents which will be needed to apply for the admission in this university.

Required Documents

First of all, you the most important and the basic documents that you all know is your mark sheet of class 10th and class 12th.

Then the other document will be your ID proof which can identify you and your address.

These are some of the basic and required documents and else if something else will be needed then it will be suggested to you on the website itself.

Uttrakhand Open University
Uttrakhand Open University


To sum up we want to say that this article is informative and comprise of all the required information about the Uttrakhand open university. We hope that it will help you in deciding the university. We will keep on sharing such vital information on vital topics through the articles we will write in the future. Till then stay safe, stay healthy, and chose good education.

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