Scream Movies in Order: A Series of Horror Movies

Many movies which have been released a long ago are still loved by the audience. Those old days and old movies with several parts had a different feel and a huge fan base. The storyline and cast of the movies were epic and unforgettable. A lot of memories of childhood it holds. Still, if we see those movies then it feels like that is why they are making such movies nowadays. Those movies were ahead of their time. The eagerness to watch the next part of the movie was next level. Movies are obviously a great source of entertainment. In childhood, it was a lot more than that. It used to give you an exciting feel. We are going to dig into an old movie and its parts. The movie through which we gonna remember those childhood days is Scream. We will discuss about scream movies in order.

No matter what the makers say about the genre but if you will see this movie then you will find this movie a mixture of genres. Sometimes you feel like it is a comedy film the very next moment you will feel like it is a horror film and sometimes you will feel like it is a crime-based film. So this movie is full of entertainment what a person wants from a movie. I know you are about this article as it reminded you of the time when you watched this movie and enjoyed that time a long ago. This is a well-detailed article. So stay tuned with the article till the last full stop.

About Scream movies in order

The Scream movies in order started in the ’90s and there are various parts of it. Some of them were released in the coordination of the old movie. Then some new era movies of scream release. Along with that dramas were also made. There are different stories in different parts which is so obvious. This series of scream movie has a lot of twists in it. If you have watched this movie and its new and various parts, then you know how much interesting it is to watch and how much it is not interesting to watch. So we will look into the details of this movie in order in the rest of the article.

Scream: Scream Movies in Order 

So we will now go through with all the parts of scream movies in order. So starting with the first part, this movie was released in 1996. Wes Craven directed this movie. The concept of the movie is crime and killing. In this movie, there is a girl who is threatened by a psycho killer who loves to watch horror movies. This whole movie revolves around this. That guy is a serial killer who kills girls by taking a get-up of a ghost. A get-up in which anybody can be scared. If we describe his get up, then he used to wear a long black robe and a scary mask. He used to carry a knife with him to kill the girls.

Scream 2 

The second edition of Scream movies in order. This movie was released within a short period after the release of the first edition. It was released in 1997. In this installment of the movie, some of the characters were from the first one and some more new characters were added. Into this movie, the girl who was terrified of the killer in the first part is in a shocked state of mind due to her past. In this part also a new killer enters the story and starts killing the students and the people on campus. He also had that same getup which looked like a ghost. There are many more things to watch in the movie we are just sharing the main concept of the movie around which the story revolves. So you can watch it for more hidden secrets about the movie.

Scream 3

The 3rd installment of scream movies in order. This part of the Scream series did great work at the box office. Still, according to the reviews it was not that much great. As it was the first which got the negative feedback on a huge note. It was considered as the worst part of the Scream movie series. In this movie also a new killer appears to kill the girl.

The girl’s name was Sydney in the movie. According to the reports this movie was just like the previous parts. There was nothing new and different in this movie as compared to the previous parts. It is an obvious thing when you do not try something new and will try to make it successful with an old and known story then it will not work for sure. The audience always looks for something new that can enhance the level of the entertainment they are getting.

Scream 4

The last installment of Scream movies is in order. In this movie, there was something new and something was the same as compared to the previous parts. Most of the characters in this movie were not seen in the previous parts which means they renewed the overall cast. In these movies, you will find thrill, mystery, horror, and comedy as well. This movie came after a long time since the last release of it. The last or we say the 3rd part of the movie was released in 2000 and this one was released in 2011. This was the last part of the edition.

Though some new movies with the same name were also release in recent years. There is also a TV drama with the name Scream. So it seems that there are a lot of twists and turns and it is obvious that there are a lot of twists and turns in this movie. These kind of stories in the movies keeps you connected with the movies and you will feel enthusiastic while watching such movies till the end.

Scream Movies in Order
Scream Movies in Order


To sum up we want to say that this is a great series of movies. It comprises of great stories and always something new in every part of it. Still, if you will look at it then you will see that one bad movie and it took 11 years for the makers to come back. We just shared the concept of the movies now for further opinion and more detailed information you can binge-watch it. You can find this on the OTT platforms.

We are grateful to you that you came this long to complete this article which consists of our deep research. We will get this chance again in the next article. Till then stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected.

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