The ivy temple row menu? Read this before your visit

The ivy temple row menu in Birmingham is like a fancy restaurant! Moreover, it’s part of a bigger group of restaurants that all try to be special. Inside, it looks super cool with sparkly floors, comfy orange seats, and decorations that look like something out of a treasure chest!

At The ivy temple row menu in Birmingham, you can have a fancy tea party! It is a special Temple Row with three levels stacked high with yummy treats. Moreover, the first level is full of warmth, fluffy scones, and some juicy fruits! Furthermore, on the next level, there could be tiny sandwiches cut into cute shapes. Moreover, they will be full of yummy peanut butter and jelly. Additionally, might have slices of cheese and cucumber like a healthy rainbow. But the best surprise might be waiting on the top tier!

Its called “sweet delights” and it could be anything from pretty cupcakes decorated with swirls of frosting to yummy cookies in all sorts of flavors. Moreover, they can choose a soothing cup of tea or maybe a stronger coffee if they need a little pick-me-up. If it’s a super special occasion they can make it even more festive by adding a glass of bubbly champagne! Moreover, the Ivy Temple Row itself is located right in the heart of Birmingham city center, so it’s easy to find. Furthermore, you might even be able to see it from afar. Additionally, it’s close to a big church called St. Philip’s Cathedral, with tall spires that reach high up into the sky!

The Ivy Temple row menu: Starters

The Ivy restaurant is a place that serves food the way we used to eat a long time ago. Moreover, they don’t have fancy new foods, but there’s still lots to choose from! Furthermore, they have things like shrimp cocktails, which are like fish sticks with yummy sauce for dipping. Additionally, they also have starters, which are like the first part of a meal. Furthermore, some starters sound yummy, like crispy duck salad! We choose a starter with cheese, asparagus, edamame, pine nuts, pesto, and baby basil. It sounds super fancy, but the flavors are interesting together! Moreover, The Ivy Temple row menu costs euro 8.95.

Some of the food on the Ivy Temple row menu wasn’t very exciting. Moreover, it needed a little bit of salt and pepper. But my one friend liked her starter, which was like the first part of her meal. She had something called “duck liver parfait” with crunchy hazelnuts, yummy truffle, and a sweet and sour tamarind glaze. Moreover, there was also a compote, which is like a mix of cooked fruit pieces, made with pear and ginger. Furthermore, she said the pear and ginger compote tasted good with the richer parfait, making it her favorite part of the meal! Moreover, The Ivy Temple row menu costs euro 6.95.

The Ivy Temple row menu: Main Meal

Choosing the main course was easy ! We picked something special to The Ivy restaurant called shepherd’s pie. It’s like a big hug in a bowl! Moreover, a yummy mashed potatoes with cheese on top, filled with super tender pieces of lamb that had been cooked for a long time. Furthermore, there was even a tiny pitcher of delicious gravy on the side! Additionally, to share with the table, they also ordered some green beans and special fries with truffle and Parmesan cheese. Moreover, the shepherd’s pie lived up to its fame – it was super delicious and filling, just like a warm hug on a cold day!

Even though the green beans were a little too crunchy, they liked their shepherd’s pie and fries a lot! Moreover, they were sad though, that their plate wasn’t very hot, which made their food get cold a little too.

Furthermore, their friend wasn’t so happy with her meal either. Additionally, she ordered a roasted chicken dish, but it wasn’t what she expected. Moreover, the chicken wasn’t cut up into pieces. Additionally, it just had a tiny bit of a special topping called gremolata sprinkled on it. Furthermore, gremolata is like a mix of chopped herbs and yummy things. But her friend wished there was more of it! She did like that the chicken skin was crispy, but overall, she thought it looked a little plain.

Ivy Temple Row menu
Ivy Temple Row menu

The Ivy Temple row menu: Options Available

The Ivy Temple Row has special menus at different times of the day! Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:


On weekdays (Monday to Friday), you can get a special lunch set menu at a good price. Moreover, the timing is between 11:30am and 6:30pm (except for holidays). They can choose either a meal with two courses for euro16.50 or one with three courses for euro21.

Afternoon Tea

If you are feeling fancy, they can have Afternoon Tea between 3pm and 5pm, any day of the week. There are three choices, all at different prices:

  • Cream Tea (euro7.95)
  • Afternoon Tea (euro17.95)
  • Champagne Afternoon Tea (euro25.95)


You can also go to The Ivy Temple Row for breakfast on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 8am to 11:30am. On weekends, breakfast is served a little later, until 11am. Moreover, they have yummy options like

  • a full English breakfast with toast for euro13.50
  • veggie breakfast with toast for euro12.50.

Weekend Brunch

Sometimes you might want to mix breakfast and lunch for a special meal called brunch. At The Ivy Temple Row, they have brunch on weekends and holidays from 11am to 4pm.

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