Cricket League Mod Apk: Unlocked Version of Cricket League

Cricket is a very popular sport among all the boys especially. This generation is playing a lot of online games on phone or in their laptops. So these video games gained an immense popularity and the users are also good in numbers. So one of them is cricket. Cricket games are so highly popular among the players. One of them is cricket league mod apk. Many of you know about this game obviously. So there are a lot of features this game provide but this article will introduce the mod version of this game. On the mod version the premium features are also free. The players do not need to pay for anything and can play the game without any interruption. The unlocked features made the mod version more preferable. It benefits the users in different aspects. Let’s go through all the benefits.

Prologue: Cricket League Mod Apk

The mod version id the premium version of cricket league game but it is not a paid version. Yes, you heard it right. Now those who do not know that what is mod apk then let us inform you about it. The mod version means Modified Android Package. The modified version of all the apps. These versions are modified and then the access to many of the premium features are allowed to the users. There is nothing the user will find which they can not access. Many of the users has shifted to the mod versions of different games as it is free and comprise all the features and the mode of playing. All the tournaments are unlocked and users can enjoy them.

Benefits: Cricket League Mod Apk

This mod version of cricket league is very beneficial and provides a lot of benefits and now we gonna have a look on them.

In a cricket game there are a lot of tournaments and different modes are available but all of them are not available for all the users. Some of them are only allowed for the users those who have paid for the plan. In this case the mod version is the best for all the users those are paying for such services and the modes and for those who are not able to pay for such mode of games. We are saying it because after the research we found that all the locked features and modes are available on the mod version of cricket league.

Now the second thing is that every game has coins in their game and other diamond or gems are also there so that player can buy things through them. So the coins and diamonds are always available in the limit and it also reduces with the purchase or as the match entry fees. So due to that the coin reduces to a very low level that user finds it hard to purchase some new feature. Now in the mod version there is nothing like that. The user will not lack of coins ever in the game. Unlimited coins will be provided in this version of cricket league.

Another thing is that whenever you will play the official version of this game then you will surely get the ads which will interrupt your gameplay. So in this version there will be no ads. You can play without any interruption.

How to Download: Cricket League Mod Apk

  • The user needs to open the browser they use for the daily use
  • After opening it the user needs to enter cricket league mod apk into the search box
  • Then search it. Once the user will search this then will see a lot of sites as the results
  • Out of all you need to see on which website the version is latest
  • Then just click on the version and it will redirect you to the page where the user will find the option to download the application
  • Just click on that and then it will ask the user for the permission to download the application from unknown resource. The user needs to allow that to proceed further
  • Once the user will allow the permission then the download will start and once it will be downloaded then the user needs to open the file
  • Once the file will open then it will ask you to install it. Then click on install option
  • When it will be installed then just open it and you are ready to go. Just go and play the unrestricted version cricket league
Cricket League Mod Apk
Cricket League Mod Apk

Similar Games

There are other cricket games as well which can give a tough completion to cricket league.

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Things to Improve

There are some of the things which needs to be improve by the developers. So one of the main thing is that the game should not lag while playing as it is not an official one. So it has seen that sometime this game lags while playing.

Another thing is that the latest version with new features should upgrade on time. As the new features with different new modes and updates comes on the official app. So it happens many time that those updated versions take a bit more time to release in the mod version.


Lastly, we want to say that this game is the best cricket game. The mod version of this game is much better to play if you want to play it without any restriction. If you love playing cricket and wants to play video game of cricket, then this is the best option. Mode version will not ask you for any payment. So if you are a game enthusiast then this is the best game for you.


This is a third party app. So we do not support such applications and activities. We just wrote an article on this. So use it at your own risk.

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