Azhar Iqubal: Co Founder of Inshorts App

Azhar Iqubal: Azhar Iqubal is the co-founder of the Indian news app Inshorts. Moreover, he left IIT to become a successful entrepreneur. Despite dropping out, he built a company valued at Rs 3,700 crore. Inshorts’ simple concept of providing short news summaries revolutionized the news industry. Iqubal’s business acumen is now on display on Shark Tank India. Moreover, here he judges aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

According to media reports, Azhar Iqubal net worth is around ₹500 crore. It’s important to remember that this is an estimate of Azhar Iqubal net worth. But, it gives us a general idea of Azhar Iqubal net worth. Azhar Iqubal net worth likely stems from a variety of sources. the income sources includes his stake in Inshorts and his salary as CEO.

Inshorts’ success has been a major factor in Azhar Iqubal net worth. Moreover, the app’s innovative approach to news delivery made him a leader in media. Further Iqubal’s wealth comes from many sources. Additionally, his stake in Inshorts is a key contributor. But he also earns from strategic investments, speaking engagements, and other business ventures.

Who is Azhar Iqbal?

Azhar Iqubal is a self-made Indian entrepreneur. Moreover he rose to prominence through his innovative approach to news consumption. Additionally while studying at the IIT Delhi, Iqubal identified a common pain point. Which was information overload in the digital age. Moreover, partnering with classmates, he took a bold step. He left his studies to address this challenge. Their solution? Inshorts. It is a content platform that condenses news articles, videos, and infographics into summaries.

Moreover, this focus on brevity resonated with a mobile-first generation. Additionally, propelling Inshorts to become a leading news app in India. Further Inshorts has over 100 million active users. Iqubal’s success story transcends his role as Inshorts CEO. Moreover, he is a recognized figure in the Indian business landscape. Further has received accolades like Forbes India 30 and Fortune India 40. Moreover, he has experience of building a billion-dollar company. Additionally now he brings his insights to help entrepreneurs as a judge on Shark Tank India.

Physical Attributes: Azhar Iqubal

Azhar stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches

His eyes are brown in colour

The colour of his hair is mix up of white and brown


So Azhar got married on 7th February 2009. The name of her better half is Syeda Masooma. God blessed him with two children. One of them is Abdullah Khan. He is also a poet. His son got the poetry in hierarchy. The another child name is Zahra Azhar. Zahra is the daughter of Azhar. She is also a poet. His father is no more in this world. Nazma Farid is the mother of Azhar Iqbal. Azhar has 4 siblings. Tabish Fareed, Haider Fareed, Kokab Farid, and Qazi Nadeem Ahmad.

Azhar Iqubal
Azhar Iqubal

What is Azhar Iqubal net worth?

Azhar Iqubal is a smart businessman who made a super cool app called Inshorts. Moreover, this app helps people stay informed. Additionally, the app gives short summaries of news stories, kind of like mini books! Because so many people love Inshorts, Azhar makes a lot of money from it.

Moreover, other grown-ups who invested money liked Inshorts so much. Additionally, they gave Azhar even more money to help the app grow bigger! This is like getting a piggy bank full of cash to buy more toys for your toy store!

Furthermore, Azhar is also good at business. So other people who are starting businesses ask him for advice. Sometimes, he even helps them with their own piggy banks by investing in their ideas!

So, all this together – the success of Inshorts. The money from grown-ups who like Inshorts, and helping other businesses – makes Azhar very wealthy! We can’t count all his money like we count pennies, but it’s a LOT!


Azhar Iqubal’s story is one of smarts and hard work! He saw a problem – too much news, not enough time – and created a solution – Inshorts, the app with super short news bites. Because so many people love Inshorts, Azhar has become very wealthy. Moreover, it’s like having the most popular lemonade stand ever!

Additionally, like a successful lemonade stand attracts more customers. Inshorts attracted investors who gave Azhar even more money to help the app grow even bigger. He’s also become a super helpful business mentor. Moreover, he shares his knowledge with people who are starting their own businesses. Sometimes he even invests in these new businesses, giving them a little boost to get started.

So, all this adds up to Azhar Iqubal net worth! We can’t count it all, but it’s a lot! Further, the next time you see the news on your phone, remember the inspiring story of Azhar Iqubal. The kid who saw a problem and turned it into a mountain of success!


  • His favourite ghazal is Hmare Jaise Koi Dusra Hua Bhi Nhi
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui is his favourite actor as well as uncle
  • His favourite actress is Disha Patani and Meena Kumari
  • Lamhe is Azhar’s favourite film
  • Charlie Chaplin is his favourite comedian
  • His hometown is in Budhana, Uttar Pradesh
  • He follows Islam

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