Our Favorite Free MMOs on Steam

We do love playing a good MMORPG, because we absolutely love spending hundreds and hundreds of hours just milling around in an online world. Now, there are plenty of MMOs out there. You may even have played a few of them. If you’re looking for the best free ones, then you’re on the right page. We’ll run you through our favorite MMOs. You get an online Steam gift card if you’re planning at playing some of these, though. They may be free, but you’ll get more from the game if you stump up some cash. 

Final Fantasy XIV

We know that there are some people that will say Final Fantasy XIV has a subscription fee which, yes, it does. However, there’s also an epic free trial that you can enjoy. You can play the base game, and 2 expansions, for free. Some of your gameplay will be limited a bit (i.e. you can’t use the chat or auction house), but you can do all the dungeons, play all the classes, etc. without spending a penny. That’s hundreds of hours of gameplay for nothing!


Yep. That old classic. Boasts the old school graphics and everything. People have been playing RuneScape for years (literally), and they can’t seem to stop themselves. No surprise, really. RuneScape is grind central. Don’t play RuneScape 3. Play the Old School RuneScape. It is a much better experience, plus it won’t demand anywhere near as much cash from your bank account.

Guild Wars 2

Everything you do in Guild Wars 2 is meaningful. EVERYTHING. Content doesn’t get outdated here, and you’ll be darting through every zone farming materials, leveling up, grabbing new skill points, and just doing group activities. Guild Wars 2 has a great world, great story, and it is teeming with players.

Lord of the Rings Online

Want to get lost in one of the best worlds ever created for an MMORPG? Well, you’ll need to play Lord of the Rings Online. This game is based around JRR Tolkien’s epic world. You’ll follow the story of the One Ring, completing countless quests. It doesn’t have many players nowadays (max 500-600 active per server at any one time), but you’ll enjoy every second that you play it for. This is very story-focused, plus it has that old-school World of Warcraft feel which many people crave.

Star Wars: The Old Republic 

Did you like the two Knights of the Old Republic games? Well, a decade or so ago, EA spent the most amount of cash ever on an MMORPG, and Star Wars: The Old Republic is that. While the actual multiplayer elements are lacking nowadays (there is still a sizeable player base), the story cannot be beaten. Play through 8 different stories (all good), and countless expansion packs. Enjoy the world of Star Wars.

Check out These Free MMOs Today

There you have it. Free MMOs! You’ll love all of them. Don’t forget – you can buy Steam accounts from places like U7Buy.com. If you buy an account there, it may even come loaded with tons of stuff in these free games.